Wednesday, January 5, 2011

34 Weeks

First off we had a great photographer take our pics at 31 1/2 weeks but I can't get them downloaded onto here for some reason. Amy Woody did a fantastic job and I am super bummed that I can't show them on here. I did get them on facebook so you can go to my profile to check some out. That is why there has been such a big gap between baby bump pics.
Everything has been going fantastic. About a month ago I did get a bladder infection but luckily I was able to get that taken care of really fast. But because of how sick it made me, I can no longer say that I haven't thrown up through my pregnancy. Two weeks ago at my appointment my dr measured my tummy and said that it measures an inch bigger than it should which is kinda funny because I hear often that I don't look very big.
We just had another appointment today and we had our last ultra sound and she took measurements to see how much he weighs. He weighs in at 4lbs 13oz, which is slightly on the smaller side. He isn't small enough to be concerned which is good and everything looks good with him. We got a few more pics and he has Sang's cute big lips. I could watch him on the screen all day! We can't wait to hold him in our arms!


Rachel and Travis said...

YAY! So fun!! You guys deserve the sweetest cutest baby ever!!

The Childs said...

You do look small. I'm jealous!