Saturday, January 22, 2011

36 weeks

I can't believe we are so close. I have such mixed feelings. On one hand I don't want this to end. He is moving so much and Sang and I love just laying and watching my tummy roll all over. Each night Sang "plays hide-n-seek" with Elijah. Sang will put his hand some where on my tummy and say "where are you Elijah" and Elijah will move and poke out some where else and Sang will move his hand around trying to find him and so on. It is so cute. On the other hand after such a long wait I am so ready to hold my baby and experience all the joys and tuff times of being mommy. I had an appointment on Thursday and everything looks good and it is the start of my weekly appointments, Whoot whoot! Not much else is going on, just working and waiting. We have been so blessed to have this experience and to have such an easy pregnancy. I am so grateful.


Missy said...

You look so cute, so excited to meet him :)

The Brundage's said...

You are so tiny still. We are so excited he could be here any day now. I haven't put a belly shot up yet not far enough yet.