Thursday, December 9, 2010

OH how we LoVe White Elephant parties!

Thank you Brother and Sister Black for hosting this GREAT Christmas party. The table was beautiful and the food was awesome! I didn't even stuff my face like that for Thanksgiving.

After dinner just sitting and chatting with everyone. Feeling fat and happy.

Letting food digest a little before starting the white elephant presents. So excited!
I drew #1, lucky me so here goes the first present. Drum roll please......... It was a glass pot. Yep no one stole it from me so I get to take it home. Sister Diamond says that she always burnt food in it. If she had a hard time cooking things in it, there is no way I can. ha!

Watching another gift be opened, the intensity. ha! Sister Atkinson standing, Brother and Sister Diamond sitting right in front of her, Bishop Atkinson on the couch with Jeff (the exec sec)
Jeff, Sister Black, Brother and Sister Jensen.

We always joke with Brother Diamond that he needs to learn to how to text so it was very fitting when he opened a poster with text abbreviations, to bad Sister Black stole it from him. ha!

The Anderson's, they are awesome!

Bishop was super excited about the wood bears. It was a gift me and Sang took. We got it from my cleaning out my grandparents house after they passed away. They are kinda cute but what on earth do you do with them? We joked on the way there that bishop would probably actually like them. LOVE that he is the one that ended up with them. Even though before he got these everyone kept stealing his gifts.

Sang got a bed pan (not sure if it was ever used, eww) and a old, used remote control car. Don't tell the Black's but Sang hid the bed pan in their house before we left.

Brother and Sister Jensen, he is a bit excited about his worn out knit gloves.

Sister Jensen sporting her fur coat we had cleaned out of G-ma's closet. Mom says she thinks G-ma bought this coat before she married G-pa, so from the 30's or 40's ish. We have no idea what it is made from and it smelled like it was from that long ago. If she takes it to an antique store she might be able to make some money off it.
Here is everyone together. They are all so awesome!!!! We miss seeing all of you on Sunday's. You have all been such good examples to us and have welcomed us with loving arms. We consider you all family to us. Thank you so much for all the great memories and we hope to make many many more with you. We love all of you!!!!!!

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