Wednesday, December 1, 2010


With last week being Thanksgiving and all, picture was not to high on my priority list so here is 29 weeks. Things have been fantastic!! I few weeks ago I did get a bladder infection and that was pretty yucky. The first day I had to have Sang come get me from work because it totally made me feel so sick and drained all of my energy and everyone was telling me I was as white as a ghost. I'm pretty dang white and I thought it was impossible for me to look whiter but I guess I can. Humm.. who would have thunk. Luckily I got med pretty fast and after rest and a day or two I was pretty much better.
For Thanksgiving we went down with my side of the family to Little America in Salt Lake and stayed there a few nights and ate at their Thanksgiving buffet. It was really good and so fun to be there with family.
A friend at work threw me a work baby shower and it was great. We got a lot of adorable stuff and a lot of people gave us money which we got enough that it paid for our crib which is nice.
Sang of course has been amazing as always. He has helped my dad a ton with shoveling all the snow, I'm used to being out there helping so it has been hard not helping so I just sit and watch and Sang pulls cute silly faces at me and he comes and stands under the window and starts meowing to tease my mom. We kid with her that she is the neighborhood cat lady so me and her just giggle when he does it.
The yesterday I worked from 8:30am to 9:30pm and he was so sweet and gave me a back rub AND a foot rub. I had only asked for a little back rub. He spoils me.
We did have an appointment yesterday (I got bumped twice because of deliveries so it has thrown all of my appointments off) We sweet talked her into doing an ultra sound and she did some measurements and he was in breach position with his bum down and his toes touching his head. Based on the measurements he is 2lbs 12oz. He is adorable!!
I am still in shock that this is my life, that this is really happening to me. That I get to experience this little miracle boy in my tummy moving. That I am being blessed to be his mommy. That I have such and amazing and supportive and excited husband to share this miracle experience with. It is very humbling.


Missy said...

You look so cute love your belly cant wait to see you Saturday :)

Loralee said...

You look so amazing! I looked like a beached whale! So true...so sad, but true! You look so good! I wish i could have looked as good as you do prego! Blast you! You are Glowing my friend!!!