Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who knew

Hi, my name is: Heidi Ngo aka bubba or hozer
Never in my life have I: given birth
The one person who can drive me nuts is: better left not said
My high school was: Fremont
When Iʼm nervous: don't talk, shake and if i do talk i miss up my words
The last song I listened to: whatever was on the radio
If I were to get married right now it would be to: um sang
My hair is: going to get a color change (again)
When I was 4: i was little
Last Christmas: was interesting
I should be: at home doing laundry and cleaning the house and getting work done
When I look down I see: the keyboard
If I were a character on ' Friend' s'?: is this asking which character i am most like? if yes, then i think i am most like Rachel, I'm a push over
By this time next year: we will be flipping a house, have a MBA (massive bank account) and hopefully a baby
My current gripe is: i hate that i am so shy, it really isn't that hard to just open your mouth and start a friendly conversation, but for me it is like never playing v-ball again, I just can't do it!
I have a hard time understanding: a lot of things
Thereʼs this girl: named Maren, who is my BFF, she is an amazing example to me and has always been a true friend for me, even through my rebellious years
If I won an award , the first person I would tell would be: Sang
I want to buy: a house to live in while we fix it up, and a baby if I don't get prego soon
Where do you plan to visit : Arizona next week, we are also planning a cruise at the beginning of the year (whoot whoot)
If you spent the night at my house : we would eat sangs specialty chicken and rice for din din then my specialty popcorn and ice cream and play this fun little game of v-ball me and sang play in our bedroom, we lay a pant leg across the center of the open area and that is the "net" and the walls and tv are out, and you can't set it, your hands have to be together and you can use your chest (which really isn't fair to me now that I think about it, it hurts to bad)
The world could do without: bad stuff and people doing bad stuff
Most recent thing Iʼve bought myself: hair coloring
Most recent thing someone else bought me: Sang bought us some Turkey stakes (I loooove them)
My middle name is: don't have one, that is how bubba came about (thanks Jeremi)
In the morning I: LOVE it when Sang wraps his arms around me and we cuddle for a while longer
Last night I was: played v-ball, hung out with my hubby
There ʼs this guy I know who: eats chicken and rice almost every single day some times twice a day
If I was an animal Iʼd be a/n: i have no idea, to many to choose from
A better name for me would be: i can't think of any name that "fits me" but my dad convinced my mom to name me Heidi instead of Brooke just after she game birth to me (and she was still drugged and not fully aware of what he was saying, way to use the situation to your advantage Dad) HA!
I don't know why Tomorrow I am: no plans for tomorrow besides working for Sharon since her grand baby was just born
Tonight I am: going to Logan with the hubby for a meeting
My birth day is: May 26th


watson6 said...

Holy cow, I can't believe I just ran across your blog. It's me your favorite person, Angie Watson!!

Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

Heidi, sorry I did not talk to you during Probate Purchases. I left during the break-the class just did not interest me enough. And I wanted to get back to Jensyn and Hurley. Your answers are cute-it is so great how much you love Sang.