Saturday, October 25, 2008


Sang's Birthday was on the 23rd. He is the big 29. He filled his day with work and business so didn't get to celebrate until Friday. He is very hard to shop for and doesn't like money spent on him, so it made it hard to spoil him. I took him to the Timbermine JUST because we had a gift certificate that we have had for almost 2 years and it was about to expire. I did get him the American Idol Wii game because he loves to sing and I love to hear him sing. It was my way of getting him to sing more. HE HE sucker. He has a very good voice and I love when he sings along to the radio all the love songs. It still gives me the butterflies when he sings to me. How could I not want that?!! So last night we put the game in and sang a few songs together, Sang got tired and fell asleep about 11ish some how while I kept singing. I kept telling myself "okay just one more song" until a little past midnight. I don't sing so great so I am shocked that Sang was able to sleep through it.
Sorry I didn't get pics of it all. I have become photo lazy. Hopefully soon I will get my motivation back to take pics again.


Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

Happy Birthday Sang!!!

*mInDi-N-cHaD* said...

i LOVE blog hopping! it's mindi hadley (well dyson now) how are you! my blog is private leave me your email at my email and lets keep in contact! hows things? m.dyson24@msn.com

Scott & Jayme said...

Happy Birthday Sang!
Heidi, i'm glad to hear you sung your heart out!!!
love ya!!