Monday, September 8, 2008


Sangs brother and sis-in-law (Brian and Shannen) just recently bought a second 4-wheeler and let us be the first to go with them. Of course it was interesting to see Brian use is creativity to get the current trailer they have jimmy rigged to put both 4-wheelers on it. I of course had to take a picture.
Thanks Brian and Shannen
Sang isn't really the outdoorsy type so it was fun to see how careful he was at first then see him get foot loose and fancy free after riding a while.
I just have to add that over the last month or so I have had a large amount of people tell me how great Sang is. I always get a few people here and there, but wow have heard it a lot lately. I couldn't agree with everyone more. He is an amazing husband and a great friend. He is so genuine and friendly. He has been and awesome example to me of not taking things for granted, and ALWAYS learning and improving who you are. I believe I am officially the luckiest girl alive.
I hope that we get to go back when the leaves have changed more.


t and e said...

sounds like so much fun. you are right sang is great. he has always been so good to trent and then me when i came along. yeah for sang!

Cottle Family said...

Looks like lots of fun we love to go four wheeling its so nice just to ride in the mountains the best time is around fall then all the leavea are changing its so pretty.

Scott & Jayme said...

Where did you go riding at? I love to go up in the mountains around Bear Lake.. Where ever you were it looks pretty.. by the way.. where were your helmets?? :OP

Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

How nive to be invited. Looks like a lot of fun. Seems like you are doing great. (on a side note, are you going to school in October?)