Saturday, August 30, 2008

Parents kitchen update

PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE AND SEE DETAIL. Here is the new kitchen my parents put in their house. They have had this part done for about a month now. They are still waiting for the dining room table and chairs and for the carpet to put in the living room. My mom is such a saver and practical that I never imagined she would spend as much as they did on such a big project. It is really weird seeing such a elegant pricey kitchen in my mom's house. They are going to remodel the family room in the basement next summer so it will be interesting to see how far she takes it. She claims they are going to die in this house so with all the kids out they are getting what they want finally. Silly mom. My dad is just an amazing man to be able to do so much of the work himself. Let alone being able to change so many different things with all the changes my mom made moment to moment. There were a few times my dad would be done with a project and get my mom to show her and she would decide she didn't like it and he would have to start over. Now I know why people say "It's woman's prerogative to change her mind".
All and all they worked hard together and they laughed a lot together and it is obvious to an outsider that they grew closer together from this large project. I love my parents and I am so thankful for the example they set of a happy, work through everything, eternal marriage. Love you Mom and Dad.


Slater's said...

That is really pretty. I love it.

Cottle Family said...

Wowlooks awesome! Cant wait for volleyball to start next week!

B.J. and Nicole said...

I love when a project is done. Looks great!

Eyceburg said...

I remember eating cheesy toast and chocolate milk at that island.

Those were the good ole days! Tell your parents that it looks great! You guys really did an amazing job!