Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Summer

We took Dillan (who is second youngest of Sangs oldest brother's 5 kids) and Tristine (who is the youngest of Sangs sisters two kids) with us on the Front Runner down to Salt Lake to eat at Cafe Trangs and let them play in the fountains.

Just a few weekends ago we went camping with Sangs oldest brothers family. It was supposed to be his whole family but things unfortunately didn't work out for the whole family to go. We had a lot of fun. As you can tell the kids loved the Smores.

One of the nights Tristine stayed with us while she was visiting from Cali she helped me color my hair. She had fun with the camera while I had fun styling. Some of the styles we did got her laughing her contagious laugh so hard that she couldn't take the pictures. Don't worry this style for me was a one time deal. Never to happen again, which Sang couldn't be happier.
I hope you know I have kept myself from putting to much detail in these last 2 posts so I wouldn't bore yall, but I do have to show off my neices and nephews as much as possible. Every one of them are amazing and very special in their own unique ways. I know my life would not be the same without each and everyone of them in it. I have so much fun with all of them, and love them all so much. I can't wait for more to come!!! (hint hint to those that can have more in one way or another)


nancy said...

Darling nieces and nephews! Glad to see you back in the blogging world.

Cottle Family said...

Lot's a fun I love the hair. Glad to see your back in the blogging world also. I guess I'll see you tommorrow night?

B.J. and Nicole said...

Sweet hair!

Andrea and Eric said...

Hey! Super cute blog! I love your mo-hawk, it looks like you two have been having a fun summer!

Gordon and Alana said...

Love the hairstyle! wink. Glad to know that you have been enjoying your summer. -Alana Titus :o)

Libby said...

Uh, one question. Why didn't you EVER where your hair like this to work?! :)