Monday, May 16, 2011

Pillow Tummy Time

Elijah used to like tummy time but gradually has changed his opinion. So my mom one day put him like this on one of her round pillows. He loves it! In the video he gets tired of it at the end but he was on the pillow for a while before I started recording.
He is such an amazing baby. I was feeding him the other night and was listening to a song that was touching and it made me shed a few tears. Elijah stopped eating so I looked down at him and he was looking at me with an expression of concern on his face and he got his pouty lip sticking out and it looked like he was about to cry.  It made me laugh, it was so cute. Quickly his pouty lip was gone and a look of confusion appeared. He was trying to figure out if he was supposed to laugh or cry with me. I have seen toddlers do this but never a baby his age, I loved it.
He loves it when we sing to him. He smiles and laughs. Now that I think of it I don't think he laughs at Sang, just me. Guess he already has an ear for good singing and knows it isn't me with that talent.
He has given us several good belly laughs but never when the camera is near. Buy the time I get back with the camera what ever was funny isn't anymore. Naturally!
Oh, on May first Sang blessed Elijah. We were so busy we both forgot about getting pictures. Horrible parents I know. But it was a beautiful blessing and you could feel the spirit so strong and you could just hear the love Sang has for his boy.  I was definitely a very proud wife and momma.
Well my handsome boy wants to play so off I go. I'm so blessed!


Chris said...

Cool blog guys ! Elijah is looking great, I want to meet him:)


Travis said...

Oh I LOVE this post! Way a great idea for tummy time!! He is DARLING!!!! We need to hang out! Are you still working? I better just call ya, cuz I think our little love birds finally need to meet!!

Matt and Alissa said...

What a sweetie! You guys are such awesome parents and he is just the cutest baby. Don't feel too bad about not getting pictures. I forget to take pictures all the time.