Friday, April 22, 2011


We are entering Elijah into a local "Cutest Baby" contest and want opinions on what photo to enter. Please go to:

and let us know which # pic or pics you think we should enter.  (we can only enter one)
Elijah is growing up so fast and every day he is more awake and giggles and talks more and more.  He had his 2 month well child visit almost 2 weeks ago and he weighed in at 11lbs 10oz (55%) and was 221/2 in long (49%) The dr had him laying on the table and was checking him out she had him grab her fingers and he started pulling to sit up so she helped him a little and he stood all the way up. I loved seeing the look of shock on her face and she says, "ok Mr. Over achiever. You don't have to grow up this fast." Almost every one that holds him makes a comment on how strong he is.
He has discovered his right arm/hand. He stares at it with a look of fascination and confusion. It is so dang cute. My favorite is when he is waking up and I go to get him and he just starts smiling and giggling at me. I really hope he keeps being this cute when he wakes up. So much better than screaming.
Sang is such an awesome daddy.  He helps me out so much and loves holding and playing with his boy. I can't imagine my life without my two men in my life. Looking back on what things I had blogged about a year ago I still can't believe this is my life, this is my reality. This last year has been just amazing. We have been blessed with so many supportive friends and family members.


Ber said...

I vote for #6. All of them are so adorable how do you choose?? He's so precious and so are the two of you :)

The Childs said...

I like 1405