Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well our 2 "A-Team" members didn't want to wait till Sunday so Friday we went down and they put in our 2 embryos. They gave us a picture of them and they had a tv that we could watch the lab tech put our babies in a catheter thingy and walked our babies into our room where I was prepped and ready. They had the lab guy go back into the lab (which was an adjoining room by the way) and look to make sure the babies were out of the tube. He gave the Dr a thumbs up and was on his way. They had me lay still for a half hour. Sang was right my my side the whole time. He had been there for everything. He is amazing.
They sent us home and told me 2-3 days bed rest. I am glad it happened during the beginning of this long weekend.
Oh and out of the 10 that fertilized 5 have stopped growing at 3 celled embryos. They put the 2, one 8 celled and one 7 celled, strong one's in and there are 3, 2 were 5 celled and the other was kinda 7 celled, that they are still watching and will let us know if they get to where it would be worth freezing. Honestly since we haven't heard anything yet I would be surprised it any of them did, but we will see. Hopefully we wont need any to be frozen. wink wink.
Once again we would like to say thank you all for all your thoughts, prayers and support. It has truly been humbling and overwhelming. We have been so blessed with so many caring friends and people around us. We pray that in your time of need you will feel the same love and comfort we have. If any of you need anything please let us know so we can return your kindness.
When the gentleman offered to pay for the In Vitro for us we asked what we could do for him and how we could ever pay him back and all he said was to pay it forward with service to others. We are so indebted for just having this opportunity, there is no way we could feel good about ourselves if we didn't try to take every opportunity we can to give back what we can.
Thank you!!


Nicole said...

This is just awesome Heidi and Sang. We will keep you in our prayers.

gb0923 said...

You should write a book, this story is amazing. We love you guys