Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moving right along with IVF

We had another appointment this morning and I still have over 20 follies. She said that there are at least a hand full that are maturing fast and they want to keep an eye on them so they can retrieve them at the right time so we are going back tomorrow morning. She said that if it keeps going this fast we should be doing retrieval the beginning of next week. On the general calendar they gave us at the beginning of this all, typically they would be doing it the end of the week, so it looks like we are a little ahead of schedule. Totally not going to complain about that. =)

I just want to say also that we appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers. We have been so touched by all of the love and hope that we get from all of you. We are so grateful and know that every prayer is helpful and you have helped us to feel Heavenly Father with us through this exciting yet overwhelming time. We pray that all of you can feel comfort and love in all that you do, and receive blessings and that you all will also know that we also care about you and your happiness.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Samantha said...

Good luck with everything Heidi! We miss you guys!