Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IVF Update

We had our appointment today down at the U of U. The Dr came in did an ultra sound and found 13 follicles on the right side and 10 on the left. As he was counting you could hear the excitement in his voice increase. After counting and looking at my uterus he said that everything looks ideal!! Whoot Whoot!! That was it, he was done. Next we went in and talked to the nurse. She said she was getting the order placed today with the pharmacy for my next meds to come. Which I will start on Monday. I will be giving my self 3 shots a day. Then we go in on May 22ND in the morning and they will do another ultra sound. If I am over stimulated they will cancel the whole thing and we start again. If everything looks good they will have us come back in 2 days later and so on until retrieval which would be around the 26Th-28Th. Happy Birthday to me if that happens.
I love going through this with Sang. Even though I have been emotional and get frustrated easily he is trying hard to be supportive and add humor to what we are going through so that it is a good experience.
Example: When we were at the Dr's the nurse said to get undressed from the waste down and Sang being the funny man he is asked her "which one of us?" HA! Also when we were talking to the nurse after the ultra sound, she left to go make copies of some of our labs and when she left she shut the door and Sang locked it. Well she came back with another nurse and the financial guy and we could hear her saying "oh man I always lock my self out some how." We were dying. Sang let them in and she was playing with the door saying "I keep doing that, I don't know what I do." I couldn't help it, I told on Sang. They thought it was hilarious.
I love not knowing what Sang is going to say or do next. He cracks me up. Some times embarasses me but still cracks me up.


Missy said...

How cute, glad that everything is looking good so far your in our thoughts and prayers let us know if you need anything love ya...

maleahbliss said...

I am SOO glad everything is going so well! Keep us posted! and if you need anything, I'm around. All day. Everyday.... Haha. So if you want/need company or anything else, call me! :)
Ps. We miss you guys! We need ot get together and do something.

Marianne said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys and SO glad things are going well!!!! Keep us posted and know that you are in our prayers!!:)

Shauna Spendlove said...

I'm so glad it is going so well!! I've been checking your blog every time I get on to see if there are any updates!! =) Good luck and we'll keep praying for you guys!