Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yes this is going to be 90% about Elijah.  I am a first time mommy and an almost complete stay-at-home mommy so what do you expect?
BUT first I will start with the 10% that is not about Elijah.
We bought a house.
Yep this is a first for both of us. It was built in 1950 and had kinda been updated here and there so there is a lot we need to do to it to get it up to how we would like it to be.  Sang has been slaving away like a mad man in fixing things and such so we can move in. He is such a hard worker and I haven't heard him complain once. He is pulling 5-13 hour days Mon-Sat for the last 2 months and that isn't including his work, fixing his parents sprinklers and some car issues. Yep he is amazing!
Now to the 2nd most amazing man in my life.
He is growing so dang fast. I have a bunch of pics to put on here so here they are:

 So handsome.
 Helping momma with laundry.
 Melts my heart.
Playing piano with Grandma. I think he is a natural. It is so cute when he looks up at the book and starts doing gibberish babble, almost like he is trying to sing to. (never mind my moms basketball shorts with a dress shirt, ha!)
 Look! I've got teeth!!
 Crawling all over momma.
 Yep! I pinned her! Who's next!!!??
Can he get his little booty any higher? I don't think so.

A video of him walking with the help of a little activity table was supposed to go here but for some reason it wont upload. BOOO!
He is eating lots of baby food and little chunks of soft stuff. He is a talker. Mostly rambles da-da-da-da-da over and over again. He sneezes and smiles like he just made a funny. He can climb the stairs with just a hand behind him just in case. He has this new thing where he will tilt his head to the side and down like he is being shy. He loves his baths. He doesn't like binkies but uses me as a binky (ugh! I am hoping this one ends soon) He loves the sound of his voice. He walks while holding onto your fingers. He pulls himself up on stuff ALL the time. Sometimes he will squat and just sit there (like a true Asian) He has good nights 50% of the time bad nights the other 50%. He naps 1-2 times a day. He is pretty much always happy.
We love this boy more then we ever thought possible.


Stephanie Williams said...

How fun!! He is so cute Heidi! And congrats on the house!!

Matt and Alissa said...

He is such a cutie! Way to go on getting a house. Good luck on updating. Sang sounds pretty amazing. You are a lucky woman for both guys. Yay for being able to be home. I'm sure you love it.

Jordan said...

He is a sweet little angel. The pics couldn't have been any cuter.