Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elijah playing with toys

Elijah playing with some toys for the first time.  I can't believe how alert he is already. He hold his head up so good and his legs are so strong that he likes to stand up (with mommy's help of course).  We have tried to get him on a little bit of a schedule with eating and sleeping and staying awake so he will sleep at certain times and for so long. Yep that doesn't work at all. It is all on his schedule. He will eat when he wants to eat, sleep when he wants to sleep, and there is no waking him trust me we have tried, and he will stay awake as late as he wants. We haven't been very strict with trying to keep a schedule but it was enough that he has let us know he is the boss.  (is this normal for all you mom's out there?) I have to say that since accepting I'm not in charge here feedings have gotten better again, and he isn't screaming when he is awake and he is falling asleep better, when he wants to sleep that is.  Oh so at his 2 week appointment he weighed 7lbs 10oz and a week later I weighed him again just to make sure he is still getting enough food and he was 8lbs 10oz.  Is that a lot for him to gain in just 1 week? I'm not complaining that he is getting plenty to eat, better than the alternative for sure, but I just was surprised. Wow do I sound like a first time mommy or what?!


D said...

I think you are doing a great job....getting them on a schedule is really hard until they get a little big bigger (in my experience). All three of my little boys started sleeping more at night after they were six weeks old. Best Wishes....darling video too!

Willies said...

we are just putting tess on a schedule now and shes almost 4 months. YOur doing great he is so cute, we cant wait to meet him!

Sterling and Amber Rasmussen said...

We lucked out and Dakota wanted to be on a schedule. We started with a routine of eat, awake time, sleep time. After that, each thing started happening around the same time everyday. After a few months, I was able to set up appointments and outings at certian times because I knew what time he would be most awake and alert (and happy).
It sounds like Elijah knows what is best for himself if he is eating and sleeping better on his own terms.

snow4tish said...

Yup, no such thing as a schedule with a baby, in my opinion. Lots of controversy about it. I've read tons. They meld into it, mostly, and mine got better as she got older, but still goes that she runs the show. I prefer it that way. :) Consistency and routine is important, but not vital.