Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here it is! Half way! I am so happy that we are half way from having our sweet baby Elijah in our arms, but at the same time, I have had such a great pregnancy (no vomiting, mild nausea,ect) besides the spotting that I have enjoyed it so much, I am kinda, just a tiny bit sad that it is half over. Not knowing if I will ever get to experience this again and with everything I have been through to get this little guy, I have tried so hard to not take one single second for granted.
We had our 20 week appt on Monday and it was the big ultra sound where they measure him and see how on track my due date is and to make sure he had all his insides and they looked healthy. He was being stubborn and rolled on his stomach so he was facing my back so she couldn't get a front face shot but he does have one heck of a cute side profile. =) Every thing looked great and my due date hasn't changed, still Feb 15th. It was so amazing to see his legs kicking like crazy and feel it at the same time. He also was being shy and covering his face with his hand for the very short time she could have gotten a front face shot. But he wasn't shy about showing us that he is still and always will be a boy, silly boy. I think we might need to work on that when he comes out. I have a feeling he might want to just run around naked. ha!


D said...

Glad you are documenting your whole pregnancy! You look so cute and tiny...can't believe you are already half way, congratulations! Glad to hear that he looked good on the big ultrasound!

The Brundage's said...

Enjoy it. You have been through so much to get him into the world. We are so excited for you guys. You will miss being preggers, but we all do.

Rachel and Travis said...

How fun and sweet! And thanks for the reminder to be more grateful and enjoy every minute! Congrats, again and again! So excited for you!