Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foster Update

We are still waiting. The home study lady told us that she was done on Nov. 19th and she had sent it off to the people in Salt Lake to approve then when they are done they send it to our case worker. Well almost 2 months later our case worker still hasn't received it. I know with the holidays it would have pushed everything back but still. It kills me to just be sitting here and not know what is going on and have our future in others hands. I keep telling myself that our child just isn't ready for us yet. Maybe even not born yet. We will see. =)


Missy said...

Hang in there it will happen when the time is right just know your in our t
thoughts and prayers love ya!!

Ber said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers too! Can't wait to hear when it happens!

Mand'e said...

Hang in there Heidi! Everything happens for a reason...just keep doing what you're doing and in the end it will all work out!