Thursday, July 23, 2009


4th of July and Weber State fireworks

Sang has been wanting to do a human pyramid for a while now. I am so glad that my family was willing and able to make this dream come true for my wonderful hubby. Here's to you kid.

This is baby Charlotte. Tyler and Traci's youngest of 4. How can you not love that face?!
This is some of my cousins from Arizona. You may have seen them in previous posts. They came up and hung out for a few days. We went to Crystal Springs on Friday evening and it was pretty busy up there. These pics were from the Weber State fireworks.
After going to Crystal Springs we went to IHOP and ate dinner. I was sitting next to this little man, Jacob, and we had a great time playing with each other. After the food came I started to eat and he wanted to keep playing. His mom, my cuz, told him that he needed to wait until I was all done. I think "all done" was all he heard and he just thought it was my name because he started calling me "all done". 2 days later when he saw me at the fireworks he runs up and taps my arm and says, you guessed it, "all done" and turns and runs away. lol so cute!!

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