Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grandpa Knight

I have been hesitating to write anything because the last few entries have been downers, as pointed our by my work peep Jordan, so I have some bad news again. Oh, and we got a new camera so we actually have some pics too.
So, above you will see 4 of my 5 adorable nieces and nephews. This is at my Grandpa Knight's funeral luncheon. Yes my Grandma that had just pasted away was his wife. I figured since I wrote a lot about Gma and all the things she has done with Gpa that has been good examples to me I will share a little thing my Gpa talked with me about just a few months ago.....
Gpa Knight and I were talking about his health and he was having a little trouble with a pinched nerve that made it hard for him to walk. The dr's were talking to him about having surgery to help with his pain. This would have been his first surgery ever. So he was telling me that he thinks he would just rather die and be with Gma than have the surgery. He got very serious and got tears in his eyes he looked at me and said. "Now that I'm faced in this situation, I don't know if I have done enough? Will she take my hand when I offer it to her? Have I treated her good enough? As she deserved." Talk about breaking my heart and a slap in the face. I know that Gma loved Gpa with all her heart and that he has nothing to worry about. But what a wake up call to me to make sure that I am treating Sang the way I should so that he will choose to not only stay married to me here on earth but also to choose to stay married to me for eternity.
Here are me with some of my cuz's, Beth and Gwen and Gwen's soon to be hubby, Mark. =)

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Mand'e said...

Heidi, your grandparents were both amazing people! I too have lost a set of grandparents over the past year so I know what kind of emotions are associated with that kind of loss.

If you ever need to talk, call me. Day or night.

Love ya! MO