Saturday, April 5, 2008


So not a whole lot has been going on. I do have some really sad news though. Because of differences of opinions and our extremely busy schedules we gave Suey to a family in our ward. They are a super cute couple with a baby girl, Lylianna, who is a few months old. He works a lot of evenings and they live in a little bit scary area. When Sang and I went on a getaway in Feb we had them dog-sit for us. He had made the comment of how much better he felt with Suey being there to warn his wife, Yuria, if something was going on outside of their house. Yuria is now a stay at home mom so she is home to give Suey lots of attention that she is used to and loves. They say that Suey still isn't used to a baby crying, she runs to the other side of the room when she is crying. But she is adapting to her new family. It has been extremely hard for me to adjust. I got her when she was just 6 weeks old and she is now 5 years old. She has been there for me through some really hard times, she was the closest thing I have had to a baby, and she truly thought she was my baby. As hard as it is to not have her here, I know that Sang and I are involved in things in our lives that we don't have much time at home to give her the attention she deserves.
Anywho, I have also been told about a web-site that I have become addicted to. It is journeytome.com. It is adoption stories. People who are adopting, mostly from China and Vietnam write about their experiences and show pictures of the children they are adopting and of thier trip to get them and so on and so forth. They kids are so dang cute! I can't wait till Sang and I are able to afford going over to Vietnam and meet more of Sang's family (Sang hasn't even met them). Sang's parents are excited for the time that their kids can go over with them. That would be amazing enough but to be able to go there and bring home a baby. I am so excited for the day!!


April said...

That is so sad about your dog, thats good that she's close by though so you can see her.
That would be so awesome to adopt a baby from over there, so cute. I hope you are able to go and do that.

DeAnna said...

thanks for the update! That sounds like it would be an amazing trip, either to meet family members or to meet a new baby! I truly hope that you are able to do both soon! That is so kind of you both to let Suey go to a family who might really need her most!